Well, Not to Say we Told You...... BUT....

You may remember back in June that FTVLive reported FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Sinclair was going to acquire WSJV in South Bend from Quincy Media.

What made this a big deal is Quincy Media has never sold a station....ever. 

Sinclair already owns WSBT in the market and it is expected that the two operations will be merged once the deal goes through.

The thing is, neither Sinclair or Quincy has acknowledged a deal is in the works. But, as FTVLive told you, Merry Ewing, the VP/GM of WSJV, had already been transferred to Quincy’s WPTA in Ft. Wayne.

We wondered, what would happen to WSJV News Director Perry Boxx? 

Well we now have an answer. Word is that Boxx has told the staff that he is transferring to Quincy's affiliate in Peoria.

Allison Gibson will be interim News Director. That is until Sinclair takes over and puts their own person in there. 

Still, no one in the newsroom knows what is going on and they are getting all their info from FTVLive. 

In a meeting with staff, Boxx wasn't much help and basically made it sound like he was sworn to secrecy in the matter. 

You have to LOVE the communications business.