Trump Blames Media for Star of David Controversy

Yesterday (yes, FTVLive updated while others took the day off), FTVLive told you that CNN's Corey Lewandowski went on his network's air to defend a Donald Trump anti Clinton tweet in which he included the Star of David.

Trump ended up deleting and changing the tweet (the star became a circle) after he was called out on social media....again. 

Now, Trump is blaming the media (imagine that?) for making a big deal over the star:

Sorry Don, but you in fact deleted and then reposted an edited tweet, shows that you either saw something wrong with it, or you caved to media pressure. 

Do we really need a President that caves in? You should have stood by your anti-semetic tweet and not changed it. 

Not sure it's the media that is the dishonest one here Donny.

Just saying....