Geraldo to Publish a Memoir

Despite passing the last exit to relevancy some time ago, Geraldo Rivera wants to write another book about his life. 

Page Six says that Rivera’s in talks to publish a memoir, tentatively titled “Geraldo of Arabia: Tora Bora to Trump.”

The Fox News correspondent-at-large, 73, admits in the proposed tome, “There is nothing as pitiful as an AARP-eligible correspondent of a certain age waiting to be assigned a story by a millennial wunderkind producer younger than his or her children.

And there are few publishing phenomena as forlorn as an old-school reporter penning a memoir about the good old days.

He adds intrepidly, “In fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, eruption, earthquake, urban upheaval, dope fiend confrontation, anarchy and war, I have managed to stay true to the ‘No guts, No glory’ ethos in lands near and far.”

If this picture is in the book, I hope it includes a barf bag.