ABC Takes the Pitchman out of Strahan

Speaking of pitching products.....

It appears that ABC has put the kibosh on Michael Strahan's days of pitching products. Strahan, who’s hawked brands from Pizza Hut to Metamucil — will have to drop his endorsement deals, now that he is going full-time with GMA.

The move to dump his advertising efforts is being made because, when Strahan jumped from ABC’s “Live With Kelly and Michael” to “GMA,” he effectively became an employee under the ABC News division, which forbids staffers from endorsements.

On his former Disney/ABC Domestic Television show with Kelly Ripa, Strahan wasn’t subject to the same rules.

Strahan previously starred in commercials for products from Subway, Pizza Hut, Metamucil, Snickers, Dr. Pepper and Right Guard, among others.

H/T Page Six