Well That Was Awkward

It got real awkward, real fast at one LA station yesterday. 

KTLA's Lu Parker was scheduled to Anchor the 1PM newscast. While doing so, former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was taking the podium at the DNC in Philly.

So, KTLA breaks into to show the former Mayor speaking. Where it gets awkward, you may remember that Parker and the Mayor were a hot item for quite some time. 

So now the Anchor is watching her Ex speak, while she is anchoring the newscast.

Only in LA. 

It had to be uneasy for Parker.

Making it worse was the power couple broke up when Villaraigosa was away at the DNC in 2012. While he was away at the DNC, she packed up her stuff from the mayor's mansion and moved out. 

After her 3 year romance and then break up, KTLA hired Parker back at the station. 

Up until yesterday, all was good. 

But boy was it awkward on set yesterday.