The Woman That Toppled Roger Ailes Speaks About His Ouster

Gretchen Carlson asked what it felt like when Roger Ailes was finally pushed out at Fox News for the last time? 

“At first, satisfaction — or no, I think validation,” she told me Wednesday. And then, she said, a new round of emotion came rushing in over the sexual harassment she says she endured while working for Ailes. “I felt angry that it took so long.”

“It’s complicated — there was relief that now I would be believed — and I was happy to a certain extent over that.”

Was there any sadness or regret over Ailes’s fate, given their long working relationship? Here, Carlson expressed nothing complicated, answering in a single word: “No.”

When asked how she felt about Megyn Kelly coming forward to say that Ailes also harassed her? 

Carlson said, "I appreciated that she told the truth, and I know it was risky,” Carlson said, but she disagreed that Kelly’s statements made all the difference. It was “the multitude of women” who started to come forward, creating a critical mass that could no longer be ignored.

“I thought I would be fighting this all by myself,” she said.

Ailes has denied the allegations against him. 

H/T New York Times