Setting the Record Straight

When Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her running mate, the North Carolina GOP noticed something right away about Mr. Kaine. 

The nerve of that guy! Why the hell would he be wearing a Honduras flag and not an America? 

WNYT (Albany) Reporter Ben Amey wondered the same thing and unlike the North Carolina GOP he decided to research a bit, before heading to Twitter (what a concept).

Amey found that the Honduran flag has five blue stars in a field of white, with two blue stripes. Kaine had on a lapel pin with one blue star in a field of white, surrounded by a red border, which happens to be the emblem worn by Blue Star family members. Tim Kaine's son, Nat, is a United States Marine, deployed today to support NATO.

So Amey took to Twitter to help out the NCGOP and his tweet went viral:

The NCGOP deleted the tweet without comment and are more than likely pissed at Amey for correcting them.

Damn liberal media with their, you know, facts.

Screw them.