Howie Kurtz Continues His Undying Support of Donald Trump

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz is not afraid to show his love and affection for Donald Trump and although that is what a supposed Journalist should do, it's likely he can't help himself. 

When Donald Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email, Kurtz said he knew that Trump was being sarcastic. 

Of course, only an insane person that is running for President would be serious about asking Russia to hack into the account of a U.S. citizen. 

Just like only an insane person would say he's going to build a 2,000 wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Of only an insane person would say that he is going to kick 11 million Muslins out of the country. 

But, Kurtz says he knew trump was being sarcastic when he made the email remarks. 

Kurtz writes, "The lines seemed so obviously sarcastic to me, as I watched Trump’s presser from the Democratic convention here in Philadelphia, that I didn’t see the tsunami coming. Maybe I’m wrong, but as a longtime Trump-watcher (LOVER), that’s how it came off to me."

But we just have to ask, how would Kurtz and Fox News have handled this if Hillary Clinton made the exact same statement? 


Who's insane now Howie?