Former Reporter Busted for Trashing Husband's Truck

Cops say a former Pennsylvania Reporter went all Carrie Underwood on a truck that her husband drives. 

Former WTAJ (Altoona) Reporter Danielle Marie Krout-Kaza was charged with criminal mischief after police said she carved key marks and words into the vehicle’s paint. 

Police say damage topped $6,000. 

It happened while the former Reporter's husband Ryan Kaza was watching a movie with a woman at a home when he and the woman heard pounding on the door. Both confirmed the pounding was done by Krout-Kaza. 

Neither Kaza nor the woman answered the door, but both told police they went outside after Krout-Kaza left the scene and saw key marks and words carved into the Ford F-2500.

When contacted by police, Krout-Kaza told officers she was not at the location where the damage occurred.

She has a protection from abuse order against Kaza. 

Krout-Kaza was arrested and has a date with the judge in August. 

If I was her husband, I might try walking to the courthouse. 

Just a thought.