Another Out the Door at Scripps Tulsa Station

There is no doubt when it comes to dysfunctional newsrooms, Scripps owned KJRH is near the top of the list. 

I mean you only need to look at this, or this or that to see that the station has issues. 

Well, it seems that some staffers have all they can stand and can't stand no more. The station has seen many staff head for the exits and not look back. 

The latest to walk is morning Anchor Max Resnik (pictured). Resnik posted to social media that he is leaving, but has not said yet where to. 

Anchor Steven Romo also has left the station is headed to KTRK in Houston. These two join two other on air staffers that have left the station in the past couple of months. 

"Management is oppressive and people are breaking their contracts," said one insider to FTVLive.