Sinclair Gives up ABC Affiliation in Peoria

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Sinclair was taking over the Fox affiliation in South Bend.

Sinclair to the Fox affiliation from Quincy's owned WSJV. WSJV is basically shutting down their station and will likely sell it in the spectrum auction. 

Sinclair moves the Fox affiliation to WSBT's secondary channel. It will keep the CBS  affiliation on their main channel. 

Now, the exact same thing is happening in Peoria, but in reverse. 

Quincy takes over the ABC (and CW) affiliation from Sinclair and moves it over to WEEK's secondary channel. 

As Quincy merges the two stations under one roof, staff cuts are going to happen. Many news staffers at WHOI will lose their jobs. 

It appears that Sinclair's WHOI will be sold off in the spectrum. 

This is a sign of the times and you can expect to see more deals like this go down and more TV news people looking for work.