Rupert Tries to Rally The Troops

21st Century Fox big honcho Rupert Murdoch is coming up on 1 week has the new head of Fox News, replacing Roger Ailes until a replacement is named. 

So, Murdoch did what all news bosses love to do, he wrote a memo.

Yep, for some reason, News Managers love hearing the sound of their own voice and reading their own memos.

Murdoch did really not say much, he went straight to the old, we did great in the ratings and it is a challenging time, blah, blah, blah. 

Of course, this week, with it no longer being a home game for Fox News and the channel falling back in the ratings for the DNC convention, we don't expect a memo from Rupert next week. 

Funny, when the ratings slip, the memos never seem to come out.