Have you Signed up Yet?

FTVLive is going to start up a daily email that will not even be close to daily. Hell, we'll be lucky enough to find the time to make it monthly.

In other words, its likely that it won't be worth it and you shouldn't even bother signing up. I mean, sure I might pass along all the naked selfies that TV news people have sent me over the years, but is that really a reason to sign up? 

Anyway, it is simple to signup and we promise no spam and will never share or sell your address. Right now there is only room for 10,000 people (we hope to increase that), and just over 6,000 have already signed up. 

So, sign up now or you might be locked out. Then again don't sign up, because it's a good chance it will be really boring and not worth it. 

That's our sales pitch (although we are selling nothing), and here's the sign up portion: 

The FTVLive Not So Daily Email