Another Chance! Sign Up for the FTVLive Not So Daily Email

OK gang, 10,000 people have signed up for the FTVLive "Not So Daily Email" and we have sent out exactly zero emails so far. 

But we are actually thinking about sending out our first email soon. Now, don't get too excited, because as we said, we are just thinking about it. 

The email sign up was capped at 10,000 and no one was able to sign up after that. 

I just paid (yes paid) for another 5,000 slots, so if you missed out on the first go around, here is your second chance. 

And the best part, you haven't missed a single email yet, since we have yet to send one out. 

But, one day, we will.

One day. 

So sign up below, it's simple it's easy and we will never give out your email or spam you. 

The FTVLive Not So Daily Email