On the Scene

While most people are focusing on the DNC convention in Philly, or the searing heat on the East Coast (Hello, that's Florida everyday in the Summer), most of Southern California is burning down.

While LA news crews cover the huge Sand Canyon fire, one Reporter is really standing out. KTTV's Gigi Graciette has been covering the fire from all angles and has been doing some of her best reporting on Facebook live. 

Yesterday, Graciette was doing a Facebook live report as the flames moved closer to her. It was compelling TV, but it wasn't on TV. For some reason KTTV decided to move onto other news, leaving Graciette to report only on social media. 

All the LA crews are stepping up with their coverage, but Graciette is continuing to keep viewers well informed on social media as well. She's covering the story, even when her own station thinks it is no longer news.