No Soup For You!

The barbie twins at KSAZ in Phoenix have decided block FTVLive on Twitter.

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about Marcy Jones & Danielle Miller at KSAZ the Fox O&O in the Valley of the Sun. These two do everything they can to play up the bubble-headed bleach blonde stereo type. The two selfie almost everyday they work together, using captions like "Foxes of Fox" and "Blondecast Journalism"

Of course, yesterday's story would have been done and forgotten by Today, but Jones and Miller decided to block FTVLive from following them on Twitter. So, we must update the story with the latest information. 

And, you know, it's not like we have 5 other Twitter accounts or anything. In fact, the Barbie twins are both following one of FTVLive's aliases on Twitter.

So sorry girls.... you better keep blocking, because we seeeeeeeee you. 

One day, FTVLive is going to teach a course on social media and Journalism and it will be the best class anyone in TV news has ever taken.