Another One Let Go from Fox News

A Fox News former VP that was one of the names kicked around as a possible Roger Ailes successor has been let go by the network. 

Michael Clemente has been dismissed from Fox News and followers Roger Ailes out the door. Fox News sources tell FTVLive that Clemente's departure, "had nothing to do with the sexual harassment investigation." 

Clemente was once a rising star in the FNC executive ranks, but was knocked down earlier this year by Ailes from Executive VP of News Editorial to special projects.  

Clemente was replaced by Jay Wallace, who is still believed to be one of the people that could succeed Ailes, along with Bill Shine as the other. 

Clemente's was always considered a long shot for Ailes job, but his name was bantered about. 

But, now that he has been let go, well..... that ain't happening.