DNC Leaked Email Shows CNN willing to Lay Down for the Democrats

The email leaks from the DNC has become an embarrassing mess, not just for the Democrats, but for CNN as well. 

Emails from CNN Anchor Jake Tapper's show, reveals they are are willing to let the Dems dictate how the interview goes. 

In an email from one of Tapper's Producers, he takes a swipe at the GOP and then asks the Dems what they would like to be asked? 

The DNC then sends the email around, asking what questions they would like Tapper to ask their guest. 

Tapper responded to the claims he is in the tank for the DNC:

"This email is also getting some pickup on social media because some staffer at the DNC whom I have never even heard of has an internal email in this Wikieak doc about “offering us questions” for us to ask Luis. That’s an idiotic characterization. I have never been given questions to ask any politician and I never will," Tapper responded. 

Tapper claims he never heard of the DNC staffer, but clearly his Producer has and he sent the email. 

The denial rings hollow when there is a paper trail.

Just saying....