Ummm...Wrong Guy

WDSU Anchor Scott Walker is confused on Twitter all the time as Scott Walker the Wisconsin Governor.

Anchor Scott Walker usual just replies, "Wrong Scott Walker" and has the hashtage #WrongScottWalker at the ready when he needs it. 

But, even Anchor Walker was surprised that Donald Trump confused him as the Gov. Trump tweeted: 

"Thank you Governor @ScottWalker6! #AmericaFirst #RNCinCLE." 

"I was just sitting here watching the convention and getting ready for the newscast," Walker, the WDSU Walker, recalled. "All was quiet on the Scott Walker front until the speech ended and Donald Trump added a 6 to the back of the governor's Twitter handle."

"Mix-ups have happened for years with the two of us, but tonight was the best #WrongScottWalker moment ever," he said.

He also turned it into a news promo, which were sure made every TV consultant proud.