Roger Ailes Still Hanging On

Another day went by and Roger Ailes is still on the job, or at least "on the job" as much as a guy that will soon be out of a job can be. 

Everyone is waiting to see how and when Ailes leaves Fox News, the network he signed on the air in 1996. 

At one point it appeared that Ailes and parent company 21st Century Fox had reached a deal on Ailes separation agreement, that would pay him close to $40 million dollars to walk away. 

But, now word is that Ailes is balking on the deal and wants more money to walk.

But, let's be honest, this isn't about the money, it's about Roger Ailes and his ego. Ailes is wounded and he wants to go out standing tall and with the least amount of damage to his ego and reputation. 

Word is that 21st Century Fox is most worried, not about Ailes going to an existing network (although they dodn't want that), but of him starting his own. "They want the non-comepete ironclad, " said one insider to FTVLive.

While the two sides are still trying to reach the final, final agreement on separation, it could get to the point where 21st Century just fires Roger Ailes for cause and he walks away with nothing. 

No question it would be a massive blow to Ailes and his ego, but it would also open him up to do what he wants. 

Neither side wants that conclusion, but when you are dealing with an ego the size of Roger Ailes, anything is possible. 

Sources say that 21st Century Fox wanted to have this done and put to bed by the end of the week. 

They have two more days to go.

Stay tuned....