A Very Stinky Story From a Sinclair Station

Tipsters tell FTVLive that at Sinclair owned KFDM in Beaumont, TX, the staff has had to walk outside to use porta potties to relieve themselves.

The station has been doing some reconstruction and it included wiping out the station's bathrooms. so, the station brought in porta potties on a temporary basis.

Problem is, there have been long delays on the building project and the staff has been using the porta johns for months and now it's summer.

Can you even begin to imagine, going out in the Texas summer heat and locking yourself into a porta potty? 

We're told several staff members complained to management locally and at corporate about stenches and nastiness in the porta johns...  but were told the potta potties meet the health guidelines.

Forget health guidelines, just the smell alone....no thanks.