Welcome to the Story

When Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, it was a huge story.

But, many in the conservative media ignored the story. FTVLive told you how Drudge, The Daily Caller, TMZ and others on the right acted like the story never happened. 

It was a true showing of the power that Roger Ailes had over the conservative press.

The New York Post, which is owned by the same company as Fox News, was silent on a story that was right up their ally. 

If this would have been Jeff Zucker at CNN, Page Six would have gone on and one about the sexual harassment claims. But, the New York Post stayed silent and showed that when it comes to Journalistic ethics, it stops when it's one of your own. 

Well, now that it appears that Ailes is all but done at Fox News, let's take a look at the cover of Today's NY Post.

Welcome to the game gang.