Is the Roger Regime Over at Fox News?

The media world has been buzzing over the report that Fox News boss Roger Ailes is soon going to be out at the news network he launched on the air in 1996. 

New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman reported yesterday that the Murdoch's has made the decision to pull the plug on the Ailes' regime at Fox News. 

Sherman says, Ailes could be gone in a matter of days. 

FTVLive reached out to Fox News for comment and hours later, they sent us to 21st Century Fox PR people. The only think they will say, “This matter is not yet resolved and the review is not concluded.” 

Just the idea that Fox News is making no comment on Ailes' future speaks volumes to the validity of Sherman's report. 

Ailes has faced choppy waters in the past and has always been able to steer clear of the waves. But this time, Gretchen Carlson, a former Anchor who says Ailes sexual harassed her, might take the Roger Ailes ship down. 

FTVLive spoke to a Fox News staffer, who said that they have never seen the building this quiet. The idea that Fox News could lose the only boss it has known, could shake the conservative news channel to its core. 

Also, there is no heir apparent to Ailes at Fox News. If is Ailes is ousted, who steps in? 

As the GOP convention goes into full swing in Cleveland, there is a crisis at Fox News and everyone is waiting for what's next?

Either way, the Murdoch's are going to have to make a move quickly. Either cut Ailes or not, but right now the uncertainty is causing more harm than anything. 

Could Ailes be working with the Murdoch's on his separation agreement right now? 

Stay tuned....