Chicago EP Pushed Out after Just a Year

It's not like anyone inside WFLD (Chicago) was surprised by this.

After just a year on the job, Fox Chicago is cutting ties with Morning Executive Producer and former Cleveland News Director Dan Salamone.

“The timing is right for me to take on another project, and I’m looking at opportunities both inside and outside the Fox family,” he told staffers.

"The timing is right" because it comes up on the cycle in his contract, where the station can tell him to hit the road. 

You may remember that it was Salamone that told female Reporters at the station to not wear hats in Chicago. 

That edict didn't stick and many knew then, that Salamone's days were likly numbered at the Fox O&O. 

Sources tell FTVLive that when new News Director Matt Piacente took over in April, he was told that Salamone should likely be let go. 

It appears that  Piacente  agreed with that and now he is. 

H/T Robert Feder