Trump's A-List Speaker Line up for the RNC....Yeah Right

It seems that Donald Trump is having a hard time find people to actually speak at the Republican National Convention. 

Trump claimed that Tim Tebow would be speaking, which was news to Tim Tebow. Tebow took to social media to say that he was not going to speak and never had plans to do so. 

So, let;s look at some of the people that actually are slated to speak at the RNC. 

Natalie Gulbis will be speaking. Now, if you follow the LPGA tour then you know that Gulbis is a golfer. She has one only one tournament and currently is doing so bad, that she is relying on sponsor exemptions to play in tournaments. Gulbis is know more for her looks, than she is for her golf game. Gee...wonder why Trump picked her. 

Trump will also rely on his kids to fill some of the speaking time at the RNC. They release this about one of them. 

Tiffany Trump, Daughter of Donald Trump Tiffany Trump was born October 13, 1993 to Donald Trump and Marla Maples. Raised in California, she is the second-youngest of Donald Trump’s children. Tiffany graduated from University of Pennsylvania this spring with a double major in sociology and urban studies. She is a fashion model, singer, and influential presence on social media.

Well, that should be exciting. But not nearly as exciting as Andy Wist. Who?! 

Andy Wist, Businessman Andy Wist founded the Standard Waterproofing Company in 1979. Beginning in his mom’s basement in Brooklyn, Andy grew the company into one of the largest roofing, waterproofing, and landmark restoration companies in New York City, that today counts more than 180 employees and is headquartered in the Bronx.

No word if Andy's speech will be one hour on waterproofing your basement, but we can't wait to watch this on CNN. 

Now, in case you are wondering where the A-List stars are? Well, we saved that for last. Trump has announced that he has ready for this? He got Chachi from Happy Days to speak at the convention. 

Yep, move over George Clooney and Matt Damon, Trump has landed Scott Baio as an A-List speaker. 

Yeah, I sure Chachi is going to bring in huge numbers.