What's Happening In Your Neck of the Woods

You know when the Today show throws it to the local weather cut in? Did you ever wonder what viewers outside your market saw? 

Yeah me either, but one person thought it would be interesting and posted a video of the Today Show weather forecast as seen from 16 Eastern Time Zone stations at the same exact time and the transition from national to local back to national.

Stations are in order top left to bottom right from most populated to 16th most populated market in the Eastern Time zone which are:

(WNBC) New York City
(WCAU) Philadelphia
(WTLV) Jacksonville
(WTHR) Indianapolis
(WCMH) Columbus, OH
(WCNC) Charlotte, NC
(WDIV) Detroit, MI
(WRC) Washington, DC
(WHDH) Boston, MAS
(WBAL) Baltimore, MD
(WAVE) Louisville, KT
(WXIA) Atlanta, GA
(WAVY) Virginia Beach, VA
(WNCN) Raleigh, NC
(WTVJ) Miami, FL
(WKYC) Cleveland, OH