Donald Trump Defends Roger Ailes

As FTVLive said would happen, many of the on air talent at Fox News has come out and defended Fox News boss Roger Ailes and the sexual harassment claims made against him by former FNC Anchor Gretchen Carlson. 

But now, Ailes is getting support from the orange one himself. 

Donald Trump, who likely knows a few things about sexual harassment, says that he thinks the charges against Ailes is B.S.

“I think they are unfounded, just based on what I’ve read,” Trump told The Washington Examiner of the claims made against the 76-year-old media executive and Republican power player. “Totally unfounded, based on what I read.” 

Well folks...there you have it. Based on what Trump has read, the sexual harassment charges are total bullshit. 

Case closed...move on. 

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