This is How Much Free Airtime the Media Has Given Donald Trump

There is no doubt that the media has gone all in on Donald Trump and this proves exactly how bad it has gotten. 

Trump has yet to air a single political ad. Yet, nearly half of voters in a recent survey said they had seen TV ads supporting Donald Trump in the last week.

Hillary Clinton has aired over 20,000 ads and her super pac another 10,000+ and 52% of voters said they have seen an ad for Clinton. 

In other words, Trump has aired no ads, Clinton 30,000 and half the voters said they have seen an ad for both candidates. 

The survey, conducted by the digital marketing firm Fluent, illustrates the challenge that Trump has long posed for his rivals: He may not be running ads, but he is always on TV.

As FTVLive has proposed in the past, turn on CNN right now and it is a good bet you will see Trump on their air. 

Flip over to MSNBC and then Fox News, you are never more than a few seconds from seeing a Trump story. 

Trump has played the cable news stations so well, that the Presidential candidate does not need to buy a single ad and yet have the voters think he did. 

Shaking my head.