Alabama Station Heads Down a Very Slippery Slope

WHNT (Huntsville, Alabama) Reporter Shevaun Bryan gave up her reporting job briefly, to become an activist for Black Lives Matter.

The Reporter thanked her station on Twitter for letting her break the Reporter mold and say what she thought about the police killings of black men. 

Of course, this now starts WHNT down the slippery slope when it comes to letting Bryan cover the news.

Will she sill be allowed to cover Black Live Matters stories? Will she cover protests? Will viewers feel that they are getting a balanced story, now that they know her views? The next time a Reporter feels strongly on an issue, does the station let that Reporter go on their air and voice his/her opinion?

Let's say there is a big anti-abortion protest going on in town. A station Reporter goes to the News Director and says that she wants to make some comments on the newscast about the killing of innocent children. Another Reporter says she feels strongly about pro-choice and she wants to also go on air to voice her opinion. How can the ND say no, after he let Bryan discuss her personal feelings on air?  

It's not that we disagree with what Bryan said, it's the idea that the station let her say it as a Reporter that works for them.

No matter what the issue, Reporters need to stay objective and report both sides of the story. If that's not what you want to do, quit, find a job that let's you be an activist. TV Reporting is not that job. 

WHNT has now gone down the slope and it is going to be very hard for them to get back up. 

Just saying....