Why Reporters Should Not Use Facebook Live

TV Reporters are excited that they can now get even more face time thanks to streaming technology like Facebook Live. 

Now, here is a prime example of why, at least some Reporters need to put the phone down. 

KAKE (Wichita) Reporter Ben Jordan was using Facebook Live during a Black Lives Matter protest.

When all of the sudden, people started shooting! Jordan said, "I just heard a gunshot!" and he started running so fast, that Ben Jordan would have made Ben Johnson proud. 

There was one slight problem, the gunshot was just a firework, which you could see going off over his left shoulder. So, while Reporter Ben Jordan was fleeing the scene as fast as he go, he was really just running away from some fireworks. 

But at least we know that if things get a little bit tense out on a story, you can count on Ben to lose his shit and take off running. 

Uncle Walter just rolled over one more time. 

Watch the video as Jordan freaks out.