Lauer/Morales Rumors Flare Up Again

It seems every couple of years, the rumors that NBC's Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales are having an affair. 

Now, Page Six is bringing the old rumors back to the forefront. T he gossip column writes, Natalie Morales is denying rumors an alleged affair between her and fellow “Today” anchor Matt Lauer is one of the reasons why she decided to jump ship to head to “Access Hollywood.”

Lauer and Morales strongly deny any inappropriate relationship, but one source told us, “There’s speculation it’s one of the reasons why she’s moving . . . Matt didn’t want to work with her.” Lauer was once one of Morales’ biggest supporters at NBC. But now, “There’s an awkwardness between Matt and Natalie . . . He protected her for a long time and now it seems like something has gone awry,” added an insider.

But another source said of Lauer and Morales, “There’s no validity to it. Zero fact. NBC News loves her. Her contract was up in the fall and she wanted to try something new. She wanted to go to LA. [NBC] wanted to keep her.”

FTVLive can report that years ago we heard that Morales was looking to do something different from the Today Show, so the Lauer rumors seem like quite a stretch. But, that doesn't stop them from popping up every few years. 

But, from what we know, this Page Six report is false.