How Reich was Wrong

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about a small town newspaper columnist that wrote a chauvinistic story about meeting WBRE (Wilkes-Barre) Reporter at a crash scene.

Michael Reich works for The Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, PA and obviously his account was suspended, so he decided to turn to his column to try and pick up women. Reich gush over WNEP Reporter Alicia Nieves, who he described as looking better in person that she does on TV. 

The casanova columnist wonders why WNEP is making Nieves report when "Alicia is obviously Anchor material," he wrote. Not sure how a small town newspaper guy can judge in a brief meeting, what is, or is not Anchor material? But, we think this was more about trying to score a date, than get Nieves a promotion. 

After our story was posted yesterday, Reich emailed (and Tweeted) us asking why we didn't call for a comment?

We told him that since we posted his whole article, we thought that the column spoke for itself. By we asked him what comment did he want to make? 

Needless to say, we never heard back from him. 

After he met Nieves and spoke to her at the crime scene, he tweeted this message to her. 

Oh....the seduction continues. 

Normally one must go to a seedy pick up bar to witness this kind of crap. Let's hope that Nieves  was more disgusted than flattered by Reich's column.

If you haven't read the stomach churning column, you can do so here. If you want to see Reich and Nieves dance of seduction, here's her story on the police chase with the casanova columnist playing a starring role.