Fired in Atlanta

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that a WGCL Photographer/Producer had posted racist messages towards the Black Lives Matter protestors in Atlanta. 

Charles Beau Menefee took to his Facebook page to post a number of messages about the protestors and how they should be killed.  

Yesterday, FTVLive wrote, "Sources tell FTVLive that station management has been made aware of the posts. No word yet in Meredith (which owns WGCL) suits have been told about the posts, but we're guessing their will soon be a job opening at WGCL in 3.....2...."

Well, after the FTVLive story, Menefee was fired from his job. 

WGCL GM Mark Pimental confirms that Menefee has been fired. Pimental sent an email to the staff confirming the firing as well.