FTVLive Exchanged Messages with Micah Johnson

FTVLive exchanged messages with Micah Johnson before and just after the Dallas shooting rampage.

The Micah Johnson we talked to had nothing to do with the tragedy in Dallas. We talked to MedisStars CEO Micah Johnson. Needless to say, for the next couple months, every time he presents his ID and people look at his name, he will get that look. 

Also, when people search for the talented TV Agent on Google, guess which Micah Johnson will pop up first? 

Interestingly, Micah and I worked together at WPXI in Pittsburgh. The GSM at the station was named Tim McVay. In 1995, a guy named Tim McVeigh blew up the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City.

The Tim McVay (different spelling) we worked with is now the GM at WSB in Atlanta. To this day when someone mentions his name, there is kind of a double take.

Now, Micah Johnson the agent knows exactly how Tim McVay felt those 20+ years ago.