Scarborough: Jeff Zucker is Trump's Personal Booker

Now that Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump have broken up, Scarborough is spilling the beans about Trump's close relationship with the media. 

At one point Scarborough was Trump's lapdog, but now he is biting back at his former master. The MSNBC host claims in an interview with Politico that Donald Trump and CNN boss Jeff Zucker are very tight.

Of course, that comes as no surprise to anyone that watches CNN. In fact we are willing to be money, that if you turn on CNN right now, you are never more than 2 minutes away from a Trump mention. Go ahead, try it. 

Anyway, Scarborough says that Trump and Zucker “are very close.” Citing “an off-air conversation” with the Republican nominee,“Zucker personally calls Trump. [Zucker] books Trump. And Trumps laughs and calls Zucker ‘my personal booker’ because Zucker will call Trump. He hasn't said that publicly, but he's said it. I've said it publicly now. Trump will laugh every time Zucker calls.”

Some inside CNN have told FTVLive that they are very uncomfortable with Zucker's cozy relationship with Trump. But it seems that Zucker has no problem with it and will continue to cover Trump 24/7.

Do you remember back when CNN was a news network?