CBS: We are Not Dissing KCBS

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that CBS is bringing in CBS O&O Anchors and letting them co-host "The Talk" one week in July.

We published the list of O&O Anchors that will be co-hosting The Talk, starting with FTVLive favorite Kristine Johnson:

The line-up of O&O Anchors is scheduled:

Monday, July 11: Kristine Johnson, WCBS, New York
Tuesday, July 12: Elizabeth Cook, KPIX, San Francisco
Wednesday, July 13: Lisa Hughes, WBZ, Boston
Thursday, July 14: Kaley O’Kelley, KTVT, Dallas-Fort Worth
Friday, July 15: Ukee Washington, KYW, Philadelphia

We noted that no KCBS Anchor appeared on the list, which we found interesting since The Talk is taped on the same lot at the LA O&O. We wondered if CBS was dissing KCBS and maybe sending a message?

CBS says that's not the case. The network says that  CBS Daytime is running a contest that will award a trip for two to L.A. to a viewer from each of the five markets participating in the show’s next CBS stations week.

Obviously, awarding a trip to LA to someone that lives in LA would not be much of a prize. So, that is the main reason that no KCBS Anchor is involved in the round robin, according to the network.

They did tells us that KCBS Anchor Pat Harvey will be co-hotsing The Talk next Monday.