Atlanta Weather Anchor Loses His Breath and has to toss it Back

Some Atlanta news viewers might have been wondering what was happening when WSB chief meteorologist Glenn Burns was doing his weather forecast when he lost his breath for a moment.

As the incident happened, Burns  threw it back to anchor Jovita Moore and they soon cut to commercial.

A few minutes later, after the commercial break, he told the viewers he felt okay and finished his forecast.

Burns had open-heart surgery three months ago and explains what happened: 

What happens is that my heart beat goes up for a few seconds.  When you have had major heart surgery, this is a little disconcerting to say the least.  It happens without any warning and when you are on air speaking at the time, that caused me to momentarily lose my breath.  I am fine 20 seconds later.  So last night, this happened and I lost it for 20 seconds and then resumed my weathercast after the commercial break.  I was with my cardiologist at Piedmont for three hours yesterday undergoing a battery of tests to figure out why this was happening. My heart is very healthy.  The valve they replaced is doing amazingly well and is 100% perfect.  The little heart palpation I get just may be a normal part of the healing process.  I am not in any danger.   So that is basically it.  I am told things are perfect.  I am working out better than ever at the gym.  And they say I should be 100% after 8 months to a year.

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution