Savannah Guthrie Opts out of NBC's Olympic Coverage

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that a number of NBC staffers have told the network that they do not want to join NBC's Olympic coverage in Rio, for fear of the Zika virus.

You can add Savannah Guthrie's name to the list of those opting out.

Guthrie announced on the Today Show that she was pregnant with her second child and will be skipping the Summer Olympics in Rio.

With Guthrie bowing out, citing the Zika virus as her reason, NBC insiders tell FTVLive that more staffers will follow.

"If a major player like Guthrie can back out, then you know other NBC employees will do the same," said an NBC staffer to FTVLive. 

Sources say that NBC is trying to calm staffers fears by educating them about the Zika virus and assuring them that the network will be taking all steps to make sure they are safe. 

A number of athletes are also looking at skipping the Olympics, citing Zika as the reason.