KCBS Sacks Longtime Managing Editor

When longtime KCBS/KCAL Managing Editor Pete Wilgoren went to work on Friday he had no clue that it would be his last day at the station. 

After 16 years at the station, he was told he was fired.

Just like that.

Wilgoren admits he was "shocked" by his firing, he also says that it has brought him anger and  sadness as well.

But, he has decided to, put on his big boy pants and make the pity party heartfelt but brief. Wilgoren took to his blog and gave some advice to himself that might be good advice to anyone that was fired in this crazy business. 

He writes, "So this note is for me, a note to self if you will, raw and from the heart, a reminder to me of just what IS important as I join the countless others in a mid-career crossroads between yesterday and tomorrow.

You are a hard worker but work is only PART of who you are and it’s time to recalibrate just what defines you.

You are a spouse and a parent first and forever, and the people closest to you still need you most of all.

Shock, anger, sadness can yield an entirely new emotion: determination. Embrace it.

Your family has always made compromises for your job, enjoy the time they don’t need to.

You’ve always made compromises for your job, enjoy the time you don’t need to.

You’ve never been good at unplugging on vacation, now you have no reason NOT to.

Coworkers are a second family, and just because you don’t clock in together again doesn’t mean you don’t love them. You do.  

Many people have navigated the same career changing situation and flourished. So can you.

Just because someone may not see your value, doesn’t mean you don’t have value. You do.

Put your big boy pants on, make the pity party heartfelt but brief, and let’s do this.

The line between endings and beginnings is really razor thin and tomorrow begins right now so here’s your headline:

“Major market TV news manager, who has worked in some of the biggest newsrooms in the entire country, on some of the biggest stories of our time, is ready to choose his next adventure."