After Tweet Tucson Sports Anchor Deletes his Twitter

A Tucson Sports Anchor deleted his Twitter account, but not before the damage was done to his reputation. 

For some reason KVOA Sports Anchor Paul Cicala thought it would be a good idea to get on Twitter and start talking politics. Here's a hint, that is never a good idea.

Cicala responded to tweets and videos posted by NBC News Correspondent Jacob Rascon, showing a female Trump supporter being pelted in the face with random objects following a rally Thursday in San Jose, California.

It was an ugly scene by the Trump protestors to say the least.

But, Cicala tweeted that the woman that was being hit by eggs and bottles somehow deserved it. 

He then tried to follow up, but did not make it much better:

After the backlash, Cicala deleted his Twitter and then went on the air to issue a statement: 

The station also issued a statement on Cicala's tweets:

Yesterday, KVOA’s Sports Anchor, Paul Cicala, Tweeted about an incident that occurred in San Jose, California between a female Trump supporter and anti-Trump protesters. Apparently, a woman who was wearing a “Trump” jersey was cornered, spat on, and pelted with eggs and water bottles after she indicated her support of Trump by pointing to her jersey.

Mr. Cicala’s Tweet suggested that other news organizations were not reporting that the female Trump supporter had “taunted” protesters and had “pointed” to her shirt prior to the assault from the anti-Trump protesters and that because of that the incident had not been fairly reported.

Mr. Cicala’s Tweet does not reflect the opinions of KVOA. It does not reflect KVOA’s core values, integrity and respect for the First Amendment. No one, of course, should be subjected to physical violence when expressing their support for a particular candidate.

Mr. Cicala and KVOA accept responsibility for his Tweet and we jointly apologize, not only to the victim, but also to our viewers and the community at large.

In addition, KVOA management has followed up with Mr. Cicala to make sure we have all learned from his mistake.

Before you tweet while stupid, it might be a good idea to delete your Twitter before, not after.

Just saying....