Replacing Lester's Kid

WMAQ (Chicago) has named the replacement for Stefan Holt, who left for WNBC. 

Alex Maragos has been filling in since Lester Holt's son was bumped up to the Big Apple and now Maragos is getting the gig full-time.  

Robert Feder reports that Maragos will anchor alongside Zoraida Sambolin in the mornings at the NBC O&O.  

“He’s done a terrific job in the role, and I am delighted that we are able to make the assignment permanent,” Frank Whittaker, station manager and vice president of news at NBC 5, told staffers Wednesday.

Maragos made news last August with his 184-market jump from West Lafayette, Indiana, to WMAQ and now he's a full time Anchor at the station.

Remember the days when you had to pay your dues? Yeah? Well those days are long gone my friend.