CNN's Jeff Zucker "Used" Brian Stelter on Lewandowski Story

The New York Post Page Six continues to pile of CNN over the hiring of former Trump thug Corey Lewandowski. 

Page Six is pissed that they had the news of the Lewandowski hiring by CNN first and when they asked CNN for confirmation, CNN leaked the story to another outlet. This happens quite often and has happened to FTVLive a number of times (lucky for us, we break so many stories, it's just a bump in the road).

Page Six writes that a source tells them, “There’s lots of embarrassment internally at CNN at how blatantly Jeff Zucker used his in-house media reporter this weekend to try to cast shade on the Page Six report of internal revolt over the Corey payola.”

“Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources spent 10 minutes discussing our story on the hiring, but failed to mention that CNN leaked the story about the hiring to Politico after we first called about it.” Our source continued of the Reliable Sources report, “This one was so obvious, it felt like we worked for Pravda [the communist newspaper].”

What was interesting, when CNN announced that they hired Lewandowski, FTVLive tweeted to Stelter that he would now have to report the story, just as Zucker wanted him to do. Which is exactly what Page Six is claiming that he is doing.

Here is the exchange: 

Sources inside CNN tell FTVLIve that Zucker has used Stelter many times in the past to carry his water. Most notably was when CNN's Fareed Zakaria was called out for plagiarism. Stelter said he looked at the stories and in his mind he did not see, "capital "P" plagiarism". Sources tell FTVLive that line came straight from Jeff Zucker. 

Back to today's Page Six story, they write, the insider added that the (Lewandowski) hiring has piqued internal rage over CNN’s near-obsessive Trump coverage.

“There’s anger internally at the way Zucker has handled his pal Trump from the beginning . . . but it has reached its boiling point . . . Especially since Zucker was off in Cannes . . . it felt like they didn’t have their hands on the wheel right as the vehicle was careening off the cliff.” Another source added, “Will CNN tell viewers before Corey speaks that he is legally prohibited from criticizing Trump?”

Here's is a glimpse at what Lewandowski does at CNN.

His hiring was a waste of time and a waste of money.