Better Late Than Never

Good Morning America Anchor Robin Roberts flew to Shanghai and was ready to report live on the opening of the parent company's new Shanghai Disney. 

GMA had planned to spend a large chunk of time covering the opening of the new Disney park a couple of weeks ago. 

But, viewers never saw Roberts live at Shanghai Disney. 

That's because Disney World was in the news as searchers were looking for the body of a little boy that was attacked by a alligator in a lake on the Disney property. 

ABC thought that covering the Shanghai Disney opening, while covering a tragedy at another Disney park was not a good idea. GMS scrapped Roberts live hits and filled the show with other stories. 

But, it's been a couple of weeks and the Disney gator attack has been forgotten, so it's time to give the parent company that blow job they have been looking for. 

So this morning, GMA and Robin Roberts will bow down, kiss the ring and sell their soul to bring you everything you wanted to know and most you didn't about Shanghai Disney. 

Roberts tweeted out the news this morning: