CNN Staffer: I'm Doing my Best to Get the Hell Out

When CNN's Jeff Zucker hired former Trump thug Corey Lewandowski, there was word that many inside CNN were appalled by the hire. 

Page Six claimed there was an internal revolt and CNN Media Critic said he talked to a "dozen sources inside CNN" (Wait! He works there...right?) and said there was no revolt. 

While Stelter says he agrees with the Lewandowski hire (imagine that?) not everyone does. 

Not sure about a revolt, but one CNN staffer tells FTVLive that the hiring of Trump's bully was the last straw. "I would love to just walk out, but I have a family to feed," the CNN staffer told FTVLive. "But, hiring this guy makes me sick and I am now doing everything I can to get out," the staffer added. 

So, is there a revolt? Maybe not, but at least one staffer is sick enough by this hire to want to leave the company. 

And, we're guessing that he was not one of Stelter's "sources".