Worst TV Market to Work in - No. 4

FTVLive is spending the day telling you the worst TV markets to work in. It's time to kick off the list with the 4th worst TV market.

Coming in at No. 4 is Champaign, Illinois.

All you need to know about the 85th market is the stations there are owned by Nexstar, Sinclair and Block. That alone should be enough to keep you away. 

Also, unless you want to go to a bar and get drunk, there really is almost nothing to do on the weekend in Champaign. The  University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is located there, or at least part of it. The school is so spread out that students complain about long walks (and drives) to get to their next class. 

Living in Illinois means you are paying high taxes, something you might expect in Chicago, but not in the podunk town of Champaign. 

Fired Philly Anchor Vince DeMentri tried to resurrect his career by going to the Champaign market and got fired there as well. He was canned for being involved in a bar fight. Like we said, there is nothing to do there. 

If you have to start your TV career in a small market, you might want to skip Champaign.

Just saying.

Tune in next hour as we take you to No. 3 on the worst TV market list.