Worst TV Market to Work in - No. 3

FTVLive is spending the day telling you the worst TV markets to work in. It's time to kick off the list with the 3rd worst TV market.

Coming in at No. 3 is Miami, Florida. 

OK, Miami is a solid news town, we'll give you that. But living there? If you got big bucks it's good, otherwise you are going to pay a lot, for not very much. 

Also, you better brush up on your Spanish, because even going to Burger King, it is easier to order in Spanish than English, if you want them to get your order right. 

Also, the traffic is brutal, I'm talking LA brutal. You can find yourself on I-95 moving just a few hundred yards in like 30 minutes. 

FTVLive worked in Miami and had our motorcycle stolen (and never returned) and our apartment broken into and we lived in a decent place. Crime in Miami is awful. 

You have South Beach which used to be great, but is now so over run with people, it's like the Yogi Berra line, "It's so crowded, nobody goes there."

 The CBS and NBC O&O's are both the dog stations of the network O&O's. WPLG is just a WSVN knock off, that will copy anything they do. 

WSVN is a station like no other. It is a news factory. You can work there for two years and still not know half the people in the newsroom. The station does put on a good product that is often imitated by other stations. WSVN, is really the only highlight of a crappy market. 

The pay is terrible and the cost of living is high. If you are making Anchor money, the market isn't so bad. But if you are trying to live on a Producer or Assignment Editors salary, it is tough. 

There are good markets in Florida, but Miami is certainly one you want to stay away from.

Hell, even LeBron James left Miami....for Cleveland. That should tell you a lot. 

Tune in next hour when we take you to No. 2 on our list.