Some CNN Staffers Not Happy with Jeff Zucker's Latest Hire

While Jeff Zucker and Brian Stelter are giddy with CNN's hiring of ex-Trump thug Corey Lewandowski, not everyone at CNN is on board. 

Page Six writes that CNN’s “facing a near internal revolt” over Jeff Zucker’s hiring of Lewandowski as an exclusive commentator for the news network.

“CNN is facing a near internal revolt over the Corey hiring,” said a TV insider, who described many in the newsroom as “livid.” “Female reporters and producers especially . . . They are organizing and considering publicly demanding” that Lewandowski be let go. 

CNN’s newest commentator is apparently under a strict nondisclosure agreement as a former Trump staffer. Trump’s NDAs are reportedly binding “at all times thereafter” employment with the candidate has ended.

Lewandowski is scheduled to appear on CNN's New Day this morning. He already appeared on CNN's Outfront last week for the first time as a paid CNN staffer. 

It appears that the Trump thug is not much of a ratings draw either. Outfront got beat by both Fox News and MSNBC. Also, Not only did CNN’s 7PM hour rank lower than the hour before and after, and lower than the day prior.

Looks like having a bully on the payroll does not equal higher ratings.