Dropping the Ball....

While a lot of the cable news networks like to act their are about 24/7 news coverage, that is hardly the case and let's look at 2 examples. 

When the Brexit vote results were being announced, Fox Business was going wall to wall with what turned out to be a huge business story. CNBC, which claims to be “first in business worldwide” was not covering the story, they were in Jay Leno's garage running taped programing. 

It tuned into FBN topping CNBC in primetime breaking business news coverage with total viewers for the first time ever. 

Now, FBN big sister could have learned a thing or two this weekend. While Fox News was in repeat programming about the British vote, CNN was all over the West Virginia flooding.

Don't claim to be a 24/7 news network, if you are going to miss big news stories.

Just saying.....