EXCLUSIVE: Censoring the News in Saginaw

Back in May, a building collapsed very close to the WNEM studios. 

Station staffers say the building fell where many reporters and photographers would be walking into the station. They’re lucky nobody got hurt.

The building was owned by a guy named Bill Irish, but you would never know that if you were watching WNEM's newscast. The City of Saginaw deemed the building to be "unsafe". 

It seems that WNEM GM Al Blinke has a cozy relationship with Mr. Irish and he ordered his name scrubbed from the stories on the collapse. 

Word is that Irish sold WNEM a part of a parking garage he owns for next to nothing, so station staffers could park their cars there. The building that collapsed fell on part of that parking garage. 

Here is the internal memo that was sent to the staff, telling them to keep Irish's name out of the stories: