Newspaper to Not Publish Anything about Trump for 24 Hours

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Starting this morning, The Forward, a 119-year-old Jewish newspaper and news site, has declared a “Trumpatorium.”

The paper says it will not publish anything about Donald Trump for 24 hours. 

They are doing it to raise awareness of attack on journalists, and journalism.  

The paper writes, how can the Forward, a relatively small news organization with a passionate national following and a journalistic pedigree more than a century old, respond? We haven’t been banned from covering Trump, as The Washington Post and other outlets have, but nor have we been offered much access. When given the opportunity, we ask the candidate tough questions , as we do any candidate, but that opportunity has been given only once so far.

So we have decided to declare a moratorium on Trump coverage for a day. A Trumpatorium, if you will.

For 24 hours beginning 5 am Tuesday, June 21, and ending 5 am Wednesday, June 22, we will refrain from publishing anything that mentions Trump’s name or his campaign.

CNN will also declare a moratorium on Donald Trump Today, the network promises to go two minutes without mentioning Trump's name. The two minutes will take place during a commercial break.